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Thought of having a quick delicious menu for your family?

Looking for recipes that are not too time consuming to prepare?

Easy Recipes for Busy Moms is a collection of quick and easy recipes that I have tried and been cooking for my family.  Whether you are a busy mom or anybody who loves to cook but has no time or even an hour to enjoy preparing recipes for your family, you will find recipes here that is quick to prepare and easy to cook. 

Some of the recipes come from my mom and my sisters who are also fond of cooking.  I find it fascinating to watch cooking shows and read cookbooks as well.  When I find a recipe which I think is good and easy to prepare, I take a crack at it.  But of course, it has to be taste tested and approved by my husband and my two kids before I can put the recipe in my recipe box.

I invite everyone to submit your quick and easy recipe that we can all share and try.  Also, you are free to impart your point of views, suggestions, comments and impression about this site.